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Being one of the largest mobile provider cards, there is no doubt that the Indosat call center always provides the best service to its customers. The name is also technology, although it is said to be highly sophisticated, easy to access the Internet, cheap phones and SMS, of course there are times when you find a system wrong.

Indosat is already famous for being a big company, serving the Indonesian people for decades to be able to communicate with each other easily. In today’s digital age, this company also highlights fast and cheap Internet services, because most of the target markets are young people who are not yet working.

Indosat Indonesia has a variety of products offered to its customers, ranging from IM3, Mintari or Matrix. With friendly service, reasonable prices, one of the attractions we have already attracted is bringing many customers to use this provider.

This company always tries to provide the best, so cs are selected based on the competent human resources, so that you can serve you all optimally. You also don’t have to worry about credit problems, because our CS can be contacted at no cost in the following ways.

Call the Indosat Call Center 185 toll-free

There are many well-known users and they have a very good service, which does not mean that the company does not have gaps in errors. Like Indosat, this communications provider encountered problems several times until many customers complained.

Furthermore, if there is a power outage in a fatal way,  the signal is lost immediately, making it difficult to connect to other people or access the Internet. Not to mention other problems such as pulses that are suddenly absorbed quickly after refill.

Don’t actually worry, because by calling the Indosat call center from 186, it’s free. Bereda has to call 185, plus postpaid, pay 1,000 per call.

However, the weakness in 185, in fact, which he answered was a machine operator, so he only served according to his settings such as product service information. However, for postpaid users, more comfort when calling 185 is free. Please refer to:

  1. Call 185 from a mobile phone.
  2. Follow the operator’s instructions until you are connected to CS during service.
  3. Finally, raise your complaints about the problematic use of Indosat. Move clearly so CS can also fix it quickly.

Visit indosat’s website and chat Indira

However, when you are not a post number and hesitate to pay a call only to consult with the Indosat call center , we recommend visiting the website. With the Internet share, I spoke to Indira, a response robot that will contact customer service directly.

In fact, to connect, it takes a while, but it’s worth it because your balance won’t also reducethe k-grinding yard just.

You can go directly to the website address, which is, and the following step can be followed by the following guide:

  1. Go directly to the website according to the address above. If you already have an account on the Myim3 app, you’ll sign in immediately.
  2. In order to be able to contact the Indosat call center , please take a look at the lower end of the right section, and there is a female logo with the words “Hello” just click it.
  3. Enter your name as well as the correct Indosaat number. Later, you will immediately get a response in the form of confirmation number and say that there will be an SMS sending a verification code to convince you to bring your number.
  4. Enter the SMS verification code you received.
  5. Later, the chat will continue with a list option of issues that usually occur frequently. It was like a FAQ.
  6. When your question is not in the options list, Indira will connect it to CS and will be given the sequence number.

Contact the Indosat Social Media Call Centre

Modern-day social media like now is actually very important. Not only for personality, but social media accounts are also created for companies, groups or even society. This is so you can communicate directly with consumers or customers.

Indosat providers have a lot of customers because they have been working for decades. Having a problem, arguably normal, it’s just a feeling of comfort that also affects it until customers run away because of it.

Therefore, we make it easy for them to contact Indosat’s call centre on the toll-free number via social media.

  1. Twitter (@IndosatCare)
  2. Facebook (IM3 Ooredo)
  3. Instragram (@Im3Ooredo)

Pleasehkan , choose the type of social media you think is convenient to contact. However, this time, we will provide just one example, how to contact customer service from Twitter, as another social media representative. Here’s the most appropriate procedure:

  1. According to the experience of many customers, you and your Indosat Twitter account should follow each other. Please mention the tweet first on the account, then there will be an official who will reply.
  2. Immediately, let’s say the problem with Twitter DM is accompanied by your name as well as your active Indosat number.
  3. After getting another response, you will be preparing to send another guide to the transaction and screenshots of the problems that have occurred. For example, credit that suddenly disappears or the Internet is not connected after filling out the data.
  4. Wait a few moments for the repair process.
  5. Later, after making changes, she will be notified immediately by the Indosat call center on Twitter.

Access Kod eDial or send Indosat k e email

The following free service, you can take advantage of the contact code you normally make when you are reluctant to contact your call center through social media or websites. Additionally, email is also very useful. Just as if you were sending a complaint message with a quick response time.

The company certainly doesn’t want customers running elsewhere just to not address the problem. Therefore, many alternatives are deployed in reporting problems, most of which are free only through smartphones.

Here we will offer how to send indosat complaints via dialing code as well as email:

  1. Via contact code

As we know, Indosat’s contact number has gone through many changes, the latest of which is *185#. After that, you can follow the steps:

  1. After clicking the code, dial number 4 immediately, which is my report.
  2. There are several categories of problems, choose the same as your complaint. Then type the problem.
  3. Later there will be an SMS containing the report number, and a call center will process your communication.
  4. Wait a while, there will be a pop-up message asking if the problem has been resolved.
  1. Send an email

Then, in the last way, you can send an email to Indosat. Please send a direct email to Transfer your complaint in detail so that CS also understands the process and implements it immediately.

Usually they won’t be answered immediately because there are also a lot of messages received, let alone checking the problem first. Later, there will be a reply to you via email as well.

Customer comfort is number one, so when there are problems occurring in your number, it can be solved immediately by interacting with the Indosat call center , it is free, and handling can be completed that day.

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