Indihome call center helps solve problems in the following ways: IDLIX

The need for the Internet today is really so important that every day the Indihome call center  gets a lot of reports in many cases. This is because our product is indonesia’s number one internet provider that is most sought by the public.

Because of the epidemic, demand for internet installation has also increased because students have to go to school online, and it can be said that the use of quotas of service provider cards is very expensive, so they run to internet products from these companies. Installation is really easy, as the monthly price is very economical.

In terms of dealing with problems, indihome call center  will also help as much as possible. Whether it’s a modem problem, a power outage or even the internet doesn’t work, it’s not a serious problem. Just call CS immediately, and the technician will come to your house to deal with it immediately.

We’ll let you know how to deal with internet problems that happen in your place. All complaints can be resolved correctly. Follow these steps, especially for new users so you don’t panic when faced with interference problems.

Learn about some of the problems that occur pno indihome network

You cannot send this complaint and those immediately to Indihome if you do not know the problem that is occurring on your internet. In fact, users often complain about different problems with Indihome.

Moreover, now that the rainy season has become, there are often disturbances, whether due to a broken cable or even lightning exposure, it often happens as well. Fortunately, you can call the Indihome call center any time you want. Even Internet service providers (ISP) are having problems.

Surely the user does not want to lose if they do not use the Internet within a few days, because it uses or not, also issue an invoice at the end of the month. Some of these problems may occur and you should first understand them before preparing a report:

  1. There are improvements from the center.

Indihome always maintains its quality well, although it often receives Indihome complaints from its users. So, sometimes it will be hampered several times by internet access due to a network repair or maintenance from the center.

Of course, you have to be patient if that’s the case from the center, later when it’s over, it will definitely be active again immediately.

  1. Modem problem

Don’t accuse the network of being bad, when you don’t see for yourself the modem situation. The Internet may be offline due to a problematic modem. This may be because there is damage to the optical cable, or that the modem installed in your home is already a problem.

  1. Outstanding invoices

Indihome users also don’t get away with forgetting, sometimes complaining that the Internet is offline, and it turns out they forgot they didn’t pay the bills that should have been paid on that date.

The first step in dealing with internet problems

If you’ve found all these problems, you can call directly to the Indihome call center. Because I think about it again, when it can still be overcome yourself first, what do you relate to because it also has to wait in line so that it can speak directly to the call center.

Therefore, there is a first step to dealing with the problem of the Internet Indihome, if solvedntification is not too severe. Then, how do you deal with it? For the above cases, they are actually the most difficult when there is a tissue treatment, where you need to wait first.

At the same time. Without contacting the Indihome call centre , in order to return to normal again for the network, please do the following ways:

  1. Restart the modem

Previously, if you thought the problem was because of the modem, look at the flashing lights. Usually if only 3 lights flash, there is a possibility of an error in the system. You can restart.

This method is also very easy, just press the power button and after doing so, you can wait a few minutes until it is turned on again later.

Suppose the easy and trivial way is actually a trivial way, in fact this trick is very powerful when there is a simple problem with the Internet in your home.

  1. Paying bills

The modem has no problem, there is no maintenance notice from Telkom, so check the invoice. Of course, you forget when you’re also busy taking care of other things.

Now doing Indihome internet bills is also easy and there is no need to go to Plasa Telkom. So far the minimarket accepts Indian payments.

Call the call center by 147

However, when all these problems cannot be overcome, your last step is to call 147. This is actually the Indihome call centre  number  that can be contacted throughout Indonesia.

From this number, you can report issues to CS. However, when you call it over a mobile phone, there must be an additional area code in the foreground before the number 147. For example, 0281147, it is for the Borucerto region, Paniumas.

Furthermore, in addition to avoiding confusion, the following guide will make it easier for you to contact the Indihome call center :

  1. Make sure you have enough credit before setting up a report.  You should also know that the connection rate is about 1000/30 seconds.
  2. Directly dial the area code number and 147. Wait a while, later there will be the voice of the operator who will lead you with some evidence.
  3. First, press 1 to Indonesian. After that, it will be directed to the next option, select number 2 in relation to the Indihome problem. Then press 1 because you are the customer.
  4. Later you’ll have to wait a while to be connected to the operator to talk interactively and report problems with your Indihome Internet home.

Please directlynear k e Plasa Telkom

Indihome is a product for Telkom, so it’s not wrong if there are also a lot of users spreading around the archipelago. Therefore, the sub-ports or branches are also too many in many regions of Indonesia.

Not only do you deal with Indihome internet problems, other products from Telkom can also be overcome when it comes to one of plasa branches. Although contacting the Indihome 147 call center can be connected, sometimes there are people who are dissatisfied and want to deal with them quickly.

In fact, by calling 147, you can send a technician immediately if necessary, although you also have to wait because the person with the problem is not alone. However, if you are not patient or need more detailed information, it is also necessary to come to plasa branch about your place of residence.

How to consult with the Indihome call center when you are already in the office, you can follow the following instructions:

  1. You’re just walking to his office. Later, there should be employees asking you immediately what you want to do.
  2. If you want to consult with CS, you’ll immediately get a queue number.
  3. Wait until your queue number is called and immediately tell me about the Indihome problem that occurred at home.
  4. Follow all instructions provided by CS so that the problem can be addressed quickly.

You also need to save an Indihome technical number that has repaired your home internet connection. This way, if there’s another problem, before you call the Indihome call center , you can tell the technician to take a look first.

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