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By enjoying high-quality TV programs, indovision’s call center  has decided to always serve actively for the full 24 hours. Now it’s known as MNCVision because the company has been acquired by the MNC Group to become one to build business on the best TV channel signal capture device among others.

Many people prefer Indovision compared to other satellite channels. This is obvious because the company, offering the best TV channels, bright, much choice and monthly cost is not too stifling. However, sometimes there are also obstacles faced by customers.

Indovision overlap is not mostly weather factors, because this TV satellite claims to be resistant to extreme weather, so it continues to present performances in the best image quality. Typically, the error can come from the message, tv problem or even set-top box.

Unlike other types of call centers, Indovision call centers are already able to serve many things.

How to register for an online subscription

Indovision or MNCVision provide comfort to the Indonesian people in enjoying high-quality TV programs. Therefore, it is impossible to have bad service because customer satisfaction is the company’s priority.

Already spreading throughout Indonesia, there are many alternatives to contacting indovision call centers ranging from over the phone or WhatsApp to connecting interactively, then emailing reports to social media.

However, when you have not registered as a customer, you cannot communicate with CS Indovision because it is intended for customers. Then, how to register?

You also don’t need to come to the branch office, because registering yourself can be done online. The advantage is that you don’t have to bother lining up to the branch office and saving time. Only from home, you can subscribe directly.

For the first step, you are asked to go to indovision’s official website. For the next step, you can follow the following method:

  1. Once you’ve accessed the home page, just click the “Subscribe” menu, which is usually red and sparkling.
  2. Since he is just a customer, offer him a basic package first, a family package.
  3. If you’re not satisfied with the basic package, you can select “Additional Packages” to choose a channel outside of the basic options.
  4. Just click if you find the desired promotion and continue to the next stage.
  5. On the next page, you are asked to fill out the subscription form. Everything must be filled honestly.
  6. Check the approval tag and reCAPTCHA, and send.

Is it all done? Not yet, you have to do the verification sent via your email. Email content usually tracks the order status, price details, and tool installation table. Still in doubt, you can contact the Indovision WahtsApp Interactive  Call Center listed on the website.

Learn about some new users bagi service information

After signing up, because it is still new, of course, will face some difficulties. In addition to calling the call center to ask basic questions, you can also click the FAQ list on the website.

It was very useful and informative, so there was no need to wait for a reply letter from theold Cad Ang CS.

It may sound trivial, but when you don’t know your client’s number, following up on issues with the Indovision call center can’t either, because CS should have asked about it.

So, here are some basic service information that should be known to you new customers and need more guidance:

  1. When you want to know the customer number, you can send an SMS to 9388 in the format of the NOPLGN (space) registration form number.
  2. Don’t you want to miss your favorite shows? Take it easy because there is an EPG or e-program guide that will provide a timeline of daily offers listed on the remote control. You can also access the official website.
  3. Then, when you want to ask about other problems, such as knowing the subscription factor and others, contact the customer service hotline to the phone contact that has been set on the area code or email the
  4. You want to know the address of the branch office in your area, because you feel you need more information, please access the official website.

Indovision late payment problems

Customer comfort is number one, but customers also have to pay on time so thatthe quality of channels and promotions is not as high as that. However, the rushmakes people forget some bills if they are not reminded.

When you feel that indovision channels can no longer be enjoyed, it means you are late in paying. It doesn’t matter, in fact, with the help of the Indovision call center , you can easily reactivate it.

The service here is very good, when you feel that the channel is missing, you can contact customer service directly 24 hours a day using interactive WhatsApp because it is able to solve problems at any time.

In fact, now making indovision subscription payments, there are many alternatives. Easy and fast too. This can be done in cash to the post office, ATMs, banking services via SMS, default account, transfer, or even debit directly.

Then, how is activation again to get your favorite channels from the TV satellite back?

  1. Pay late according to the value of the invoice through one of the alternatives mentioned earlier.
  2. Also make sure that your home’s set-top box is on/off and connected to electricity. When you confirm the invoice payment, it sends a message to the set-top box.
  3. However, when making payment and reactivation, the impression did not appear, immediately contact the call center.

Contact CEnter Indovision ready to help whenmoving customers home

The last topic we will discuss and often ask, when customers want to move home, can they still access Indovision facilities? The answer, of course, is still possible.

The regional movement certainly affects the signal, so in order to maintain good image quality and continue to subscribe, report the transaction. Everything can be done when you call the Indovision call center via hotline or email.

  1. Phone number
  2. Client Number
  3. Current address
  4. New title.

When you’re worried about the surcharges, it won’t happen. Technicians who will help install the device after moving home will not ask for a fee rate. However, additional costs will be requested when materials are required to perform the installation ideally.

There’s a little extra information too for you, to go through the process and be able to enjoy the Indovision channel package again, at least you have to wait one week. This is because:

  1. For those outside Gaboditapap, it will take about 3 days after the move is reported.
  2. After that, it will take at least 4 days to install the device again until it works well.

Also watch up-to-date information from Indovision by following social mediastarting with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Maybe there are interesting promotions too, you can quickly find out and instantly confirm  the Indovision call  center for a list of promotions.

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