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Nomor Traveloka call center 24 hours andhow to return money for tickets

You  can visit  the rooms of the Traveloka call center for 24 hours if there are problems with tickets booked from Traveloka.  Traveloka itself is a company that is engaged in the services of booking flight tickets and hotels. However, at the moment, Traveloka telah is expanding its business to penetrate train tickets, buses, car rental, into tourist activities.

Traveloka is one of the largest and best ticket suppliers in Indonesia.  Traveloka was founded, focusing on utama as a service provider forthe price of b andingan plane tickets. In its development, “Traveloka” changed the direction of its business to reserve flight tickets and hotel rooms.

The  area of services offered by  Traveloka allows for the emergence of obstacles. One of them may be the return of tickets. This will probably be done by the client when he fails to travel due to other urgent matters. There may also be customers yang meng experience problems when registering. Therefore, in order to fulfill the services to Traveloka customers, the numbers of the Traveloka call center  are given for 24 hours.

Having a call center that has a 24-hour constellation opinion allows you to submit your complaints whenever you encounter problems. Through this call center, you can do various things, starting with the return of tickets, asking about traveloka services, information on how to run, and much more.

Traveloka pays a lot of attention to customer satisfaction, so it always tries to provide the best service. With the 24-hour call center service  , it is hoped that all complaints and suggestions from customers can be properly dealt with. In addition , through Traveloka you can also pay for electricity and bpjs kesehatan.

Get to know the types of call centers

There are two types of call centers known, namely incoming and outgoing. The type of incoming call center is a call center that uses phone calls to receive different types of requests from customers. For example, for example, the  number of the 24-hour Traveloka call center. This type of inbound is very often encountered in enterprises.

Although the type of sending is a call service provided by a call center operator who intends to do various things. Examples suchas product offering, providing information about changes in services, and so on, this type of outgoing type is the opposite of the type of incoming type.

But right now, the call center has experienced a lot of improvement. One of them is the combination of incomingand outgoing ti pe. Gabungan among the two of them can be called the contact center. The contact center is the expansion of the call center into a multichannel contact center , which can serve customers for 24 hours non-stop.

Traveloka Call Center number 24 hours

To provide maximum service, Traveloka introduces a call center with a constellation24 hours. So for those of you who want to submit complaints or suggestions, you can contact the Traveloka Call Center. You can also cancel your ticket or get a refund through the Call Center.

In addition to using the call center number, you can also contact customer servicevia live chat. Like call centers, live chat services are also based on 24-hour constellations. To contact customer service via live chat, you can visit the official website of traveloka.

To chat directly with customer service, you just need tombol need help located at the bottom right of the Traveloka website. After you are asked to fill in several question fields. Fill in all the fields, and then press submit. If there is no error message, your message has been sent.

In the meantime, if you want to talk to the customer service, you can contact the traveloka call center number for 24 hours. To contact him, you can by phone 0804-1500-308 (Indonesia).   Ifyou call the Call Centre, you will be charged a credit fee. So before calling, you should make sure that the number of h pulses is enough.

How to contact Traveloka customer service

There are several ways to contact traveloka customer service. You can customize using what you want to contact customer service. Of course, it’s tailored to your needs. Since each medium used has its advantages and disadvantages.

The first way is to contact traveloka customer service via  live chat. To contact customer service via live chat, you just need to visit the website resmi traveloka. Select the help button you need, then follow the steps to complete. You need an internet connection if you want to connect via live chat.

The second way is tocontact  the traveloka call center number for 24 hours. This is the most appropriate way if you want to get an answer quickly. To make a call, you will be charged a credit fee. If you don’t have credit, you can contact customer service through social media.

The social media that Traveloka  has is  quite detailed. Traveloka social networks  are like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  You  can find Traveloka on Twitter @traveloka, Traveloka facebook and Instagram @traveloka. However,it will usually take you a long time to get an answer if you contact melalui on social media.

Another alternative that you can use to contact customer service is email. This is the last way after a live chat, 24 hours of Traveloka call center numbers and social media. To display an e-mail message in Traveloka, it is through  the e-mail address that

How to return money for tickets “Traveloka”

Not often because of the various things you want to get back for tickets from Traveloka. As for the information about the conditions, you can see all the information on the official website of traveloka.  After returning the money, you can get a little confused.

To do this, you can first ask about it using  the 24-hour number of the Traveloka call  center.  To return the money for tickets “Traveloka”, it is quite simple. The process will not cause you problems. You can return the money for the ticket via the Internet through the official traveloka website.

  1. Visit website.
  2. Then log in with your existing account.
  3. Enter the order menu.
  4. Then click on the details of the order you want to return.
  5. After entering the order details page, just click on the money back button.
  6. Accept the terms and conditions
  7. Fill out the return form correctly and completely, then send it.

If there is incomplete information, the process of returning money may be complicated. The process of returning funds will take no more than five days. Then, if you use a credit card to make a payment , the money is not paid out in cash. The money will be sent to the credit card used for payment.  As an additional information, the refund process cannot be canceled for any reason.

You can also see the return status in the Order Details menu. Duringthe pr oses refund, you may be contacted by customer service and asked for additional documents.  The automatic refund process will cancel the order.  If you still feel embarrassed after reading how to return the money above, you can first contact the traveloka call center number for 24 hours.

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