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If there is a problem with the delivery process,  ninja express call center M  , which is available  to file a complaint,  may be the best choice.   As we already know, problems are really  one   thing  that businesses – especially online  businesses  – cannot get away with.

In order to make deliveries easier  , the availability of expedition services is indeed reliable.   With  this  service in place, it will not require businesses  to send their goods directly to consumers.   Similarly , it will obviously  focus more on your business.

Unfortunately, the transmission of certain packages or goods through the expedition service does not avoid the various types of problems involved  .   Ninja  Express      is one  of the most popular delivery service companies  in Indonesia  .

It is known for providing a variety of services and affordable shipping products  , but that means that when using goods issues, traders   lose out on the  package or in other complaints without getting problems.   So the presence of  ninja express call center  for complaints  really needs to be followed.

Surely  you don’t want to send the  package if you have to experience problems such as damage or damage?  Therefore, it is  important  to make  a complaint or a complaint so that there is no harm done.    To avoid waiting for steps, you’ll need a full review  below.


Before you know how to call  the Ninja Express Call Centre,  it’s  important to know with  one eye about this popular expedition service in Indonesia  .  It was established in Singapore in 1024.

The  company  became an affiliate of Ninja Wayne  and  was   first founded by  three people   named Chang Wen, Shaun Chong and Tax Boxian, each of whom  had a different position: the company provides shipping and receiving services based on technology and   The most popular services,  COD services are also available .

After failing to reach Indonesia,    it  appears the company is already  ranked number one in Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand  .  The  Ninja delivery service  in Indonesia has  also collaborated with a variety of indonesia’s largest e-commerce platforms, such as Shoope, Bukalapak, Blibli, Tokopidia, Sociola.  And even more.

The  delivery service also uses social media such as Instagram and Facebook to  market products you have.   The  company’s existence has almost spread across various parts of  Indonesia, including Bandung, Jabodettabek, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Semarang.

Ninja Express Media Call Center Complains

Do you already know on one hand about one  of the largest  expedition services  currently  under way in Indonesia?  Returning to the main topic,  the  Ninja Express, which appeared to be frequently and experienced by the general public when the goods  themselves  were using the transport service,  appeared to be  a major problem  during  the  transport of goods.  In fact,  there is  no need to worry too much about this issue.

The reason is that all centres   can  contact the C section of  Ninja Express Media directly  to raise  complaints.   If there is  a problem   with the  delivery process  or is  related  to the package,  you have  a place where anyone who wants accurate information and solutions can access this service.

Call  number (021) 2926 4120 via  the call center  of the previous paddy  .   You can contact the number directly for the complaints process.   There is a  Customer Service section which will explain a variety of issues and provide the best solution.   To ensure that you communicate properly in order to get the best service.

Call Center Section Ninja Express Media SamPai Kan must properly prepare  several important documents, such as  the  sender’s  name , receipt  number and destination address before  deciding to file a complaint in the complaint. With the information  received from this  document  , ninja express   It will make it easier to  track the package you have .


Not  only can complaints be lodged by  contacting ninja express media call centre  , but  also through  the official wait e, which provides  the  service  delivery,  You will see a form  to file a complaint or complaint through this page  .

Later,  there will be  a variety of questions that could address issues relating to packages, such as  the reporting  of  lost goods and the shipping question.  To find solutions abroad.  Choose what is the appropriate question for the problem you are facing.

If so, users   will be prompted to fill out their  full name, phone number, receipt number,  email address and  description,  specifying what the problem is. It is  best to bring this information as far as possible and explain it in detail   .   Do not fabricate a lie related  to the  current problem.

The  complaints can be lodged through  the Ninja Express Call Centre  and  through the  official website   by email ykni. For  this  one method, when complaining through the website,  it’s  easy and almost the same .     You  can send a message directly to the email address concerned.

Then elaborate on the problem.   Don’t forget to include supporting documents that will be used later as evidence .  Supporting documents include receipt number and address, sender name and any evidence.  When making a complaint by email, make sure  you  are patient waiting for a response.

D.A. Decision  to Provide Various Services

The  presence of  Ninja Express also  offers   a variety of services,   including the best conveniences  available  to users  .

  1. Easy Service

This  service will make it easier for customers in a simple shipping and payment process . The purpose of the service  is  to  save time to oversee sales administration,  they said.

  1. Pay in Place Service

Pay-on-site  service  or COD (cash on delivery) is one of the  products of delivery,  which aims to ensure that goods and  shipping costs  are paid in cash as per the prescribed location.

  1. Call Center  services for complaints

Finally, ninja express for complaints  appeared  to  be one of the company’s flagships  .   This service will   make it easier to resolve all issues related to your package.

Problems during  the process of sending  packages with expedition   services are  indeed   one of the  most often  encountered  when using  these services  .   The Ninja Express Media Call Centre  is  expected to easily contact complaints.

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