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Recept Empal Daging Kheeft West Java Banten Famously Delicious

Many processed meats can be used as heavy foods, especially for side dishes and one of them is the recipe for meat typical of West Java Banten with its distinctive flavor. Perhaps for most people who live in the West Java region, you already understand the taste and texture of processed meat, so it is considered one of the favorite dishes there.

For those of you who like to look for food from different regions, we highly recommend that you try banten meat. But for that you need to know the difference between empal, stews and rabeg that is usually easy to find in the city of Banten. The three foods basically use the same basic ingredients, namely beef.

If you look deeper into processed beef, it is indeed one of the popular dishes because it is very suitable if it is given extra spices to enhance the flavor of the dish. As a beef-based dish, Banten’s West Javanese meat recipe has  its own fan section due to its distinctive flavor.

Of course, because it’s one of the heavy foods made from processed meats, the three have almost similar textures because they’re both heavy, greasy, and of course, delicious when eaten with rice. But while the characteristics are almost the same, the three foods have different textures and flavors, so they can adapt to everyone’s taste.

The popularity of all processed meat in the Banten City Area

In the world of culinary matters, many food stalls or restaurants naturally have one of the menus that use processed meat. From processed chicken, beef or fish, all three have their own connoisseurs because everyone’s tongue is definitely different. However, when discussing the recipe for meat empal typical of West Java Banten, of course the food has its own flavor.

So it is not surprising that when visiting the city of Banten many people are looking for meat dishes with their characteristic taste. Because it’s certainly easy to find in food stalls or street restaurants, so this food is very popular with locals and out of town. Popular dishes will become even more famous if they are very easy to find, wherever they are.

Of course, in addition to other processed meat empals such as rabeg, pickle, hayam bakakak and fish pepes are also easy to find there. There are many choices for processed meat that you can try when visiting the town of Banten. But still, the recipe for processed meat typical of West Java Banten is the main destination you should try when visiting there.

If you look deeper into processed beef, it is indeed the most popular alongside processed fish when visiting the town of Banten. In fact, the West Java region has the characteristics of dishes dominated by processed fish such as pepes. Still, processed meat is essentially one of the most popular dishes in the West Java region.

Features of processed recipe Empal Daging Khas West Java Banten

The inhabitants of the West Java region itself have food characteristics that have a slightly spicy, sour and savory taste. In addition, people also really like fresh vegetables that are used as vegetables to accompany heavy dishes, especially based on processed meat. From this data we can already conclude whether meat is indeed a popular dish there.

When we talk about processed meat, there is of course thought of the processed recipe for meat that is typical of West Java Banten. But did you know that other processed meats such as stews and rabeg also have characteristics that are close to processed meat. Both use the main ingredients of meat and coconut milk, the three dishes certainly have their own characteristics.

In terms of taste, the three dishes are of course very dependent on the herbal ingredients used to enhance the taste of processed beef dishes. Coconut milk as one of the main ingredients is also very important because it can cause a savory taste in the three processed meats.

In addition to coconut milk, a part of the cow’s body also has a major influence on the end result of this dish. If the banish West Javanese meat empal recipe can fully use the thigh, then the rabeg dish has a different basic ingredient. Rabeg himself basically uses the brisket and gandik parts as the main ingredients of the meat used in the dish.

But for stews, you should know that most processed products use beef like thighs as the main ingredient. Brisket itself is the part of the cow that lies on the chest near the armpit. Then for gandik itself are the hamstrings of the cow whose meat quality is almost the same as the front thighs but still gives a different texture.

How  to  make processed empal meat typical of West Java Banten that pampers the tongue

To process the recipe for meat typical of West Java Banten, you must first prepare the basic ingredients and seasonings. Prepare from the marinade 4 cloves of garlic, 3 tbsp granulated sugar 1 tsp cumin, 2 tsp coriander, 20 grams galangal, 8 grams turmeric, water and salt to taste. Do not forget to prepare 500 grams of meat as the main ingredient that is half cooked.

Continue the processing process, you roast the cumin and coriander for a while so that it changes color after you set it aside. Remember to roast the two ingredients separately and puree the two ingredients as part of the fine herbs. Give turmeric and garlic to mash along with salt about one and a half teaspoons until it appears smooth.

After the fine spices of the Banten West Javanese meat recipe are ready, move on to the meat slice that was cooked earlier. Cut the flat in the direction of the beef fibers so that they can be ground later. The purpose of mashing is so that the taste of the previous fine herbs can be penetrated and emphasize the taste of the typical meat of Banten.

Then bake the herbs for a while until they are fragrant, continue to give enough water of about 200 ml, along with broth and sugar. Remember that pre-cut beef is also included, wait at least 10 minutes for the water to subside. Then bake the beef and serve it, guaranteed that the taste will be very tender for homemade dishes.

Banten’s Signature Meat Empal is a favorite dish of many people

You can make the previous recipe for processed meat empal that is typical of West Java Banten , you can indeed make it yourself at home. The ingredients are simple and simple, but the taste is still second to none. In fact, many people are willing to go to Banten to taste this one dish straight from the city where the food comes from.

Not a few people also open businesses outside the city by relying on their ability to handle the typical Banten meat dishes. The distinctive taste is able to attract people outside the city to taste one of these special dishes. In addition, this dish also often appears during food festivals and is favored by many people who visit the festival.

Everyone certainly has their own taste for processed meats from both soupy and dry dishes. If you are one of the people who loves soupy dishes, then there is nothing wrong with tasting the distinctive meat separation of bans. Also if you  want to make  your own banten west Javanese meat empal recipe if it is widely distributed on the internet.

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