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West Java province famous for Indonesian tourism privileges

West Java province, of course, has  a  city in Bandung, which has extraordinary attractions. Especially with all the uniqueness it has, this place of course also attracts a lot of attention. Including visiting tourist places in the area, because there are actually many places that can be visited and give its own impression that can of course be enjoyed.

Until now, the area has its own uniqueness to the point of being famous in various other regions. Even since colonial times, West Java has also had its own history of struggle to defend Indonesian independence. Therefore, his name has often been discussed, especially in discussions about history.

Although, in fact, in 1949, Pasundan state became part of the NIS or the United States of Indonesia. But a year later, West Java province again  joined the Indonesian  state and continued efforts to develop state sovereignty. The battle is the  background to confirm the historical history of the  place.

Many of the uniqueness   of  the West Java region  can be tried to be known before getting there. Of course, this fact will be an interesting thing later, when you yourself enjoy the atmosphere and sensation of the area. There’s nothing wrong if you get  to know different cultures  around Indonesia more deeply, of course, including West Java.

Geography and demographics of West Java

Graphically, the area is actually  the  westernmost province on the island  of  Java, which then  makes it directly next to the Indian Ocean  as well as the Java Sea.    In this place there are many rivers that flow their water into the Java Sea and a combination of lowlands in the north, while the center is part of Mount Ceremai. So there are many interesting places in the area.

One of the interesting things in this province is the contrasting characteristics of two identities, namely modern people living around the Jabodetabek area, as well as Greater Bandung. Meanwhile, there are still people in the countryside, of course, with thick Sundanese customs that are still felt a lot there.

So when you get there, you can even feel a different life if you are in the opposite place. This is very interesting because tourists can also choose to enjoy the atmosphere, which should provide feel and comfort while in this province of course.

Most people from West Java province use the Sundanese language for daily communication, albeit with typical dialects from some regions. Even now, the use of regional languages is being promoted again, so some television and local radios have used it to introduce it to modern society that uses more Indonesian.

There are many things you can do there, including visiting Bandung as the center of Indonesian fashion. Even this area is called Paris van Java, so fashion lovers can also enjoy the time there. But for those who want to enjoy a different atmosphere, just coming to a rural area with a calm atmosphere is also calming as a place to travel and relax.

Mandatory culinary in West Java

Food is always a supplement when discussing an area. Of  course, for the westernmost province   of  the island of Java, it has many specialties that are also well known in other regions, so they can be easily found. But if you try it directly, of course, the flavor will also have its own uniqueness so that later it can be enjoyed while spending time in the area.

Processed foods made from vegetables such as bean sprouts, tomatoes, long beans, lettuce, eggplant, cabbage, as   well as various other types of additives are mixed together. Also watered with peanut spices is actually a famous food in this area.   The name of the processed is karedok, you probably heard of it. Enjoying this processed food is certainly delicious and tempting.

Another interesting food in the area is oncom tutug rice.   This rice is specially processed along with several selected processed  spices  , including spices to  produce rice that tastes unique of course. Especially  for culinary from  West Java province made from rice and oncom, it  is rare in other regions, so you should come directly to enjoy it.

But you need to be well acquainted with seblak food with various interesting toppings such as feet, eggs, meatballs, as  well as other additional options.   For those of you who like spicy flavors, you definitely don’t want to miss trying processed biscuits with this spice. Moreover, its uniqueness is that  the cracker ingredients  are soft because they are soaked and  then cooked with spices, so the flavor is unique and characteristic.

Typical arts in West Java province are decidedly amazing

Culture is an interesting thing  and  must continue to be preserved, and each region has its own peculiarities.   The province of  West Java  has been influenced by the Sundanese and Cirebon cultures. Then a lot of  culture  emerged in the surrounding area  , so it produced many interesting arts to enjoy until now of course.

Jaipong is  a  dance that is known as an art native to the West Java region. The  dance  is a combination of tap dance,  ronggeng, to special movements for martial arts. This art is actually an extraordinary attraction that even many foreign people want to learn and master in order to do it well.

Moreover, there is also an art from West Java province, namely wayang golek.   Most of the stories  told in art are Mahabarata and Ramayana. Culture has evolved from the era of ancestors and continues to be preserved to this day. Although in fact the performances have started to be rare, but on some special occasions such as weddings are usually still found.

Not only that, in addition to art, there are also various regional crafts that you can find. For example, typical batik from Cirebon, woven umbrellas, ceramics, to woven bamboo and much more. Each region has its own signature craft, so wecan do it as oleh-city before we return home.

Seeing the origins of the Special Region of Seblak

Of course, there are various points that actually make  the westernmost province of Java Island a special value. As well as the existence of a large obsevatorium called Bosscha built since the Dutch era. This place was later designated as a cultural heritage site and can still be used today to make observations about celestial bodies of course.

Another special feature of this area is the presence of Cukang Taneuh, which is referred to as an Indonesian-style Green Canyon. The view of the green river there is sure to amaze everyone who comes.  Equipped with exotic caves, it enhances the uniqueness of the place.   This certainly attracts the attention of tourists,  especially foreign tourists, of course.

In addition, there is also a unique musical instrument  in  the form of angklung as a cultural heritage according to UNESCO rules. This musical instrument is actually very unique because different sizes will produce different tones, so to play it requires several angklungs to produce the name as desired. There is even a special place built to teach and introduce this instrument to tourists.

West Java is actually so unique and interesting to visit. Not only tourist attractions and culinary, but also culture and a variety of unique are hidden in it. No wonder this also reaches the ears of foreign tourists. So, you should also try to get to West Java province to find out its various uniqueness firsthand.

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