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Realme Serbhis Centre

Realme Sarbhis Center is one of the garn khojeko flagships presented by the manufacturer of Old Chinese. In Chakhlagdo Kura, almost all of the smart devices including mobile phones are produced on Haruly service day.

Allelementsofaforecastareacollectivejudgmentmaybehigherthanweassumedallthingsbeingequalthoughallthingsmaynotnecessarilybeequal. In fact, here you can use a smartphone. The method is very simple.

Just go to the afno website, that’s the next production of the pseudo-garnuhos. Finally, the payment method is going to be selected. Credit card guaranteed to be completed without delivery, transfer bank, At the same time, the goods are delivered through courier service according to haru destination. So, it’s going to be right and complete.

Realme Sarbhis Center has a cool service, it is going to check the details of the smartphone and how many smartphones are available. If it is serious, it will be set up in the office. So, if you can go to the spot right away. That’s why it takes time to tapani yo turuntai garinch. Yeslai Sazilo Linuhos, when the mobile phone is launched.

All the advanced technologies can be passed through the train, but it can be done at home. Generally, the european complex has a specific direction. Yes, the development of the world is a lesson. In such a situation, every customer can wait for the workmanship process without any immediate concern.

Request for first letter

Realme sarbhis is a service at the centre, just as the sub-office is not built by the marmat garn sajlo. However, first, every customer will submit an advance request. They will have to apply, 22356666 contact. However, the phone needs to be ready first.

First, every user had an IMEI number on his mobile phone. The method is actually sajillo, just the setting meinuma open thichnuhos. Arko, Phoneko Barema selection gernuhos. So, tapains have full knowledge of the equipment. After that, the name Of The Record Garrieco Imeiko fella Parnuhos. Wa *#06# Kunji Thichnuhos.

Just who ever minnet parakhanuhostyastachi, saw the required number. Finally, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been prepared and applications are included in the order for purchase. The mobile phone is modelled or typed. The details of the damage to the phone. Efforts are being made to explain the full and extent of this.

There is only one information about Gunas, which is a service at realme service center  . In two phases, every customer will have to visit the home or mobile phone pickup location. If you are really busy, you are often busy. It’s just a fault with the smell.

The pick-up time depends on where it is located. Whether it’s far or close. That is, the request is entered after the process and the service is sent. The solution will be found on the technical site. The maximum time required is 48 hours. However, the report was received within a maximum of 10 hours.

Overall test operation of damage

Realme Sarbis Centre has to check the kalmi seva in arko charan bhaneko. Generally, the technical heat is called and the approximate time is to be given. Whatever, this is only a stump. Yes, the phone is  ready for repair.

Just like, for example, important data is available, goers, photos, or maybe papers. However, the data is maintained in order to monitor. Yo Realme’s authority is externally kura. The inspection will be done by the police and the office is informed by the law.

What is the reason for this green data, which is the component of the Green Mart Bat Gujranchan. Or reset performance gariako. Chakhlagdo Kura, every technician will provide photo proof of cellphone damage. It is usually with reason, what are you like to get in this point. So, the prevention should be done properly so that it is now easy.

Realme sarbhis is serving at the centre and provides the required price details to the component chains. If warranty is already investigating, it is possible or not. He is going to be sure of the truth. If this test is good, it is done.

If finished, the technical customer will be confirmed. According to the uniharu pickup, the delibhari garchana. If there is a change there, you can confirm the service. The daily location is a clear effort, usually confirmed for about 24 hours.

Phone Repair Check

Realme Sarbhis Centre offers hateline service. This process can be done when cellphone repair is in process, including heat. 7 days, 10 days are actually short times. Therefore, mobile phones become essential tools for daily life.

However, please note that telephone calls to these services are arbitrary. Kinbhane, Yo Azhai available 24 hours a day. Every monday, the contact can be maintained. The time is 9 pm and 6 pm. Special time on Saturday, at 8 o’clock in the day, at 5 o’clock in the evening.

Realme Sarbhis is connected to the centre  , there is an open service, i.e. you have to open the website, click on the chat service. Or Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or Biama all open social networks through  social service.id@realme.com, it will definitely be possible for you to service.id@realme.com.

There is a problem with the phone on the website. As such, Realme is closed and it is running, it will be trying to get the better. Just start the force, i.e., loudspeaker button (+) thichnuhoser hold gernuhoser 30 seconds long power gernuhos.

If you work, you will try to charge 60 minutes by looking at the first 30 minutes. After that, the force starts, the force is open. Allelementsofaforecastareacollectivejudgmentmaybehigherthanweassumedallthingsbeingequalthoughallthingsmaynotnecessarilybeequal. If you are in the center of this, you can make the phone directly in the middle of this step.

Personal problems

With this, the Realme service center is serving the coolie service, the phone is suddenly available. There is no thought, but the power is added to the power. If  you  have  an application, it will suddenly stop coming.

If that’s the case, I’m trying to upload it. This happens  when the phone experiences an increasing temperature. Realme has resumed automatically.  Also, the mobile phones are being checked. If that’s the reason, maybe that’s the reason.

Hatopuhos via anti-bhairus APK. Without charging to be the optimal chickpea. There are potential factors like this, charger adapters or cables.  The temperature of the environment is hernuhos. Try to match about 25 4 degrees with a kotha. This temperature is increasing, the temperature is definitely possible about the charge.

There are only other gunasohru websites that have a complete gunasohru interpretation. However, when all the women are limited to the poor. Sayed, there is a serious problem here. Realme is not only wrong to take advantage of the service center, it is practical  and easy to do with all the services.

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