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24-hour tax call center uses live tax chat

The 24-hour tax service center uses tax live chat, which is now available to assist taxpayers in handling complaints and counseling.

The tax call center service in Indonesia, hereinafter referred to as Kring Pajak Kring Pajak, has proven to increase DGT’s openness in providing information on taxation to the wider community.

This form of service also gains great trust from the public and is always relied upon when they have various questions about taxes. They also don’t feel concerned about the information they receive or the personal information they provide.

This is because Kring Pajak is an official service under the auspices of the Office of Information and Complaint Services (KLIP) of the Director-General of the Revenue Department.  You can freely discuss your tax issues with the service staff.

A wide range of topics and issues you can add, ranging from different types of taxes to illegal taxation. The clerk will give you answers and solutions to your tax problems. In addition, Ringing Pajak is responsible for calculating your taxes accurately and accurately.

In fact, this service can help your tax management process. In addition, anyone can access the 24/7 tax call center using a live tax chat, of course it will make all tax matters in Indonesia easier.

Live chat features for Taxes

One of the menus provided by Kring Pajak is the live chat feature. This live chat feature is a breakthrough for DGT and has yielded significant innovation results, as this feature is very useful for the community to easily submit all complaints.

Unlike complaint websites that take a long time to respond to messages from the public, this live chat feature can respond instantly.  The point is that you can submit all complaints and questions through this feature and will get a direct response from the staff online.

The time to respond to your  complaints and questions  won’t last long, as the live chat feature uses real-time technology such as the feature of messaging on social media  .

Because when the problem is urgent, customers will not  be able to wait. This makes it impossible for taxpayers to hesitate to pay this mandatory tax without lining up.

The tax live chat feature is inspired by similar features provided by major startups and websites.

How to use the tax live chat feature

Using the tax live chat feature is very simple and anyone can use it.  You can take advantage of this feature to ask about tax regulations, paja k rates, and other complaints.

  1. Go to the website.

The first step you  need to take to access  a 24/7 tax call center using a tax live chat is to open a website. This feature has the form of a small dialog box at the bottom right of the screen.  You can click on the box.

  1. Contacting Kring Whatsapp tax number

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all tax services were disrupted  , as all direct services at the tax office were very limited and closed due to health protocol policies.

Although Tax Kring is already available through call centers, online websites, and live chat, not all of these features can accommodate all the tax needs of Indonesians. According to the reviews, DGT has launched the Kring Pajak service via Whatsapp.

Services that use one of these messaging applications have a longer duration and have proven to be very useful in meeting tax demands in Indonesia. This whatsapp service is also included in the category of live chat features from DGT.

  1. Working time

To get a real-time response, you need to pay attention to the opening hours of the service. Although it is expected to be able to provide 24 hours  of service, it does not provide a full service for 24 hours.

Due to the opening hours of The 24-hour tax call center feature uses live tax chat via the website from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. only. While the service via whatsapp is only from 8 am to 8 pm.

Outside of business hours, you can still submit questions and complaints.  Instead, it will be responded to during business hours. Other than that, you will still get answers to any questions being asked.

  1. Filling in identification information

Filling in your  credentials  is important when starting a live chat, either through the website or through whatsapp.  Ask a question

At the same time, if you use whatsapp, you need to print your personal information from the prepared form.

  1. Start chatting

When an agent is available to serve you, they will respond to a personal information message. Upon arrival, you can immediately make complaints and anything you want to convey.

Advantages of using the tax live chat feature

In practice, this 24/7 tax call center feature that uses tax live chat has several advantages and is very useful compared to other types of Tax Kring services.

  1. More cost savings

The tax live chat feature has proven to be more cost-effective compared to the tax call center service that uses a phone line. This is because live chat uses an internet network to access it, while phones require relatively expensive credit fees.

  1. fast

The staff response when providing my live chat service would be faster if complaints were served through the website as usual. Due to the real-time nature, therefore, when there is a question from the taxpayer, the authorities will immediately respond to him.

  1. This can be done while performing other activities.

Although contacting the tax service center via telephone line will get a quicker response,  you need to be in a ready and focused state. Because you talk directly to the tax authorities.

It’s not the same as the case with 24/7 tax call center feature, use tax live chat. In addition to getting a quick response. You can also perform other activities, since the system is only in the form of sending messages.

Live chat features, legal shades

The tax live chat that goes into the Tax Kring service is an official service created by the Director-General of the Revenue Department. The legal basis for this feature is the Regulations of the Director-General of the Revenue Department of Taxation Nos.: PER-02/PJ/2014 and PER-22/PJ/2014.

The 24/7 tax call center uses tax live chat as a very useful service and helps many people take care of all their tax needs.

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