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6  List of commercial and non-commercial West Java airports

The airports in  West Java  are still ranked 6th. The largest percentage of airports in Java is Me n yumbang.   There are only 23 airports on the island of  Java, including the capital of the beloved country. Speaking of city a, are you already familiar with the operation of the force?

An airport refers to the airport, which is actually an air transport facility for aircraft and helicopters. A place to take off and land. It is certain that a province in every large area offers it. However, the airport should have ancillary facilities such as operators, terminals and airport parking lots.

So,  if there is already a helipad and runway at any place, it still doesn’t  count the airport.   So, there are actually many runways and helipads. However, the place is not yet in the airport section.  For those of you who are curious about the list  of  West Java airports, here’s the full review.

Gerdajati International Airport

Become  one of the  airports that have received  an international certification  . Gerdajati is located in the Majalenka Regency of West Java. This place is not far from the capital, Bandung. Approximately 68 km or 4 hours of road travel. Of course Kertajati has a selection of passengers between many local and local.

As far as the area is concerned, the space should be very spacious. It was also named indonesia’s second largest airport. After Sokarno-Hatta Airport. Then the opening ceremony and the first action fell on May 24, 2018. At that time, Djokovic’s presidential plane landed there. A proud achievement for the Government of West Java.

Luar usually again, even the runway areareaches 3 hectares. More precisely, 3000 square meters is more or less. With this kind of area, it is easier for Gerdajatti to accommodate the world’s widest aircraft, the Boeing 777. In fact, it is an international standard that  must be met if it wants to keep the title of international action  by West Java Airport.

For passenger capacity every year before the onset of the pandemic period. According to the data, nearly 30 million passengers per year. But now it is an epidemic.   After all, a sluggish economy will still affect the aviation interests of the people between local and local.

Airport in West Java Chakrabuana

Located in Syreban, this place  is a very condong for Regency instead of the city. Unlike Gerdajati, which has a runway area of 3000 square meters. Even ChakrabuWana has an area not exceeding 4000 square meters. Naturally, this happens because the planes produced there are only for a few circles.

Officers visiting for flight exercises. However, there are possibilities of being commercially upgraded in the future. that means there will be local flights there. It’s for surgery, it’s maximum for smaller flights. This is because the largest aircraft is only on the C-212 aircraft.

Nevertheless the runway surface  is sufficient. How not because there is quality asphalt there. To be clear, ChakrabuW. Ana is a third class airport, which is best managed by the UPD Directorate of Hubut. The commercially completed development should only wait until it is fully completed.

Viradinata Airport in West Java

The  airport in  West Java KeEtica is Viradinata.  It’s actually an aerial base. Located in Jln, Lieutenant Colonel Basyir Surya Tasikmalaya Zafar.  This airport belongs to the mountainous region. How not, the height of the city’s base surface  has reached 350 percent of the land. Uniquely, now Lanut Viradinata is used as a civil aviation.

In addition, it is also used for space school flights. Bandar is similar to an early Somermo Poyolali. The name is derived from the hero of the Air Force, i.e., the posthumous Air Rear Admiral, Radon Adje Viriyatinata, whose history has long been in operation since 1946, long before Indonesia was founded.

Before I got the name  Viriadinata, this  airport had the name Cibeureum.   Similar to Lok Asinya located in the Sibe Ureum, which was owned by KNIL in 1946-1950. Eventually, the extradition was made and officially owned by the Indonesian government. Later the renaming of Cibeureum occurred in 2001.

Hussain Sastranekara International Airport

Banda Aur Kaadu KeluRahan Hussen Sastranekara is located in Chichendo, Bandung City. This place is sure to be in the urban center of Bandung. The history of its name is based on AURI military pilots who died during training in the Japanese colonial era. Husain Sastranekara, who had to die while serving in yogakarta.

This is similar to other Japanese government tactics such as BPUPKI, PPKI, etc. An imperial Japanese air and ground base was established in Yogyakarta. So it can be understood that this name was taken precisely because Hussain Sastranekara indirectly fought to liberate Indonesia.

Currently, there  are 10 major airlines operating at  this West Java Airport, both local and non-local. So  for those of you who want to fly through Hussein Sastranekara Airport, you have to choose which airline service according to your capacity. Garuda Indonesia, City Link, Air Asia, Malindo, Naam Air, Singapore Air and many others.

Atang Senjaya Airport

It is  one of  the militaryairports of type A  . Of course, this airport is of national importance. It can be said that it is the brother of Lanut Halim Perdana Kusuma and Lanus Iswahyati. To name it, this is confirmed by the DNI-AU hero, i.e., posthumous Lieutenant Colonel Atang Centja.

The location of Atang Senjaya is in Kemang in the Boger Regency of  West Java Indonesia  . There are several units under the control of Lanut Atang Senjaya. The squadron is like the 4th Van Wing from 6 to 8. Then there are the Engineering Squadron 024 and other side units.

Education Squadron 501, Education Squadron 503, and Air Force Hospital Atang ChenjeA.   The airport in  West Java has several military control centers, so that air operations in it are only for the military. However, it can be used as a commercial unit other than for military purposes.

After all, with the creation of a new commercial airport. It can, of course, support the economic interest of the Boger Regency government. In addition, transportation becomes more efficient so that important guests feel comfortable. We have to wait only until the planning process for airport changes is completed.

Sijulang Nusaviru Airport

Unlike other West Java airports, the type of airport is smaller for smaller aircraft. It is located close to the popular West Java tourism, i.e. The Green Canyon. This may be one of the reasons why it needs to be rebuilt.   As one of the largest airports in Bangandaran, the district government should be sensitive.

The airline that was there until now has Suzy Air. The name doesn’t have a stranger, does it? In fact,  the airline is owned by indonesia’s former minister of maritime affairs. Ms. Susi Fujiastuti is the sole owner of Susi Air. Flights from Nusaviru to Zakara (Halim Bertanakuzuma and Silakab).

Please wait to see if this airport will be scaled up again. But seeing the beauty of tourism in it, the district government should be well aware of it. Increasing tourism is not only in the tourism sector. But, in transportation to make it easier for passengers to visit.

How do you understand some of the airports in West Java this time? As of now, according to the basic understanding of the airport, only 6 people have been included in it.  So  if you’re in West Java, try using one of them.   All the airports in West Java are  certainly fit for operation.

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